Saxophone - a woodwind instrument with single reed mouthpiece.

Scale - A succession of tones. The scale generally used in Western music is the diatonic scale, consisting of whole and half steps in a specific order.

Score - The written depiction of all the parts of a musical ensemble with the parts stacked vertically and rhythmically aligned.

Sempre - always or continually.

Segno - a sign. Directs the performer to turn back and repeat from the place marked by the sign.

Septet - A piece for seven instruments or voices. Seven performers.

Septuplet - a group of seven notes, to be played in the time of four.

Sf or Sfz - abbreviations for Sforzando.

Sforzando, Sfz, Sf - Sudden strong accent on a note or chord.

Sharp - A symbol which raises the pitch of a note one-half step.

Sheet music - An individually printed song, most often for voice, piano, guitar,or a combination of the three. Any printed music.

Signature - the signs, such as sharps, flats, or numbers, placed at the beginning of a piece of music. There are two kinds of signatures - the time signature and the key signature.

Sixteenth Note - a note one half the length of an eighth note.

Sixteenth Rest - a pause equal in duration to a sixteenth note.

Slur - A curved line placed above or below two or more notes of different pitch to indicate that they are to be performed in legato style.

Solo - alone.

Sonata - An instrumental piece, often in several movements.

Sonatina - A short sonata.

Song - a short poem intended for music.

Soprano - the highest kind of female voice.

Space - in the staff, the interval between the lines or the ledger lines.

Staccato - Detached sounds, indicated by a dot over or under a note. The opposite of legato.

Staff - The most frequently used staff has five horizontal lines, with four spaces, upon which the notes and other musical symbols are placed.

Stem - the line attached to a note - head.

String instrument family - Instruments with strings that produce sound when plucked, bowed, or struck.

String Quartet - a composition in four parts for two violins, viola, and cello.

Symphony - A piece for large orchestra, usually in four movements, in which the first movement often is in sonata form. A large orchestra.

Syncopation - Accent on an unexpected beat.