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Here are some of the things our children are studying in music:



Welcome to Music! All music students at PS 11 start the year singing Earth, Wind and Fire's "September" (the chorus with adapted words). All K's are singing songs about being in Kindergarten. We also sang songs about the Days of the Week. We discussed how you sing and talked about vibration. We looked at vibration on several instruments. We will soon be going to our keyboards! I will be sending home a Welcome to Music letter and a letter about the Music and the Brain Program along with a scanned copy of the book they are playing from in music class.


Welcome back to Music! All 1st graders sang Earth, Wind and Fire's "September" (with adapted words. We reviewed how we sing...using our diaphragm, sending our voice to our heart for feeling, and our voice box and vocal cords. We sang the Beatle's "Love Me Do" to celebrate it's original release date and sang "I Love Rock and Roll" by Joan Jett to celebrate her birthday. We are going back to keyboards and will be working on the end of Book I.


Welcome back to Music Class! 2nd graders reviewed how we sing and sang "September" by Earth, Wind and Fire. We are reviewing all our notes and rhythms and starting to talk about dynamic markings. We will be going to the keyboards shortly and will be working from Book II. I am going to scan Book II shortly and will send it home.


Welcome back to Music Class! 3rd graders are starting work on their Fall Production..."Best Self, Best Work, Best World". Every child received a full copy of the lyrics. Please make sure they keep it safe in a folder.

The lyrics and the music are also on the PS 11 website. You can access the lyrics and music here.


5th Graders who are in The WIzard of Oz are rehearsing Wednesdays at 8AM starting on September 23 (please check your rehearsal calendar) and small groups are coming on Thursdays. We always let them know in advance who should come. Parents, please email us if your child is going to miss a rehearsal. All the music to the show, full performance and accompaniment are on the PS 11 website.

To see HOPS for the Arts click here.

Looking to purchase a piano or are some helpful sites.
In class we use the Casio CTK-2000.

Choosing a Piano or Keyboard for the Beginning Piano Student

The Best Keyboards and Pianos for Beginners

Top Tips for Choosing A Piano Keyboard for Beginners

3 Pieces of Advice on Buying Your Child's First Piano

If you have any questions about your child's music education and/or are a musician and would like to volunteer to come in and hold a workshop or perform for us please contact me. I always need volunteers to maintain our keyboard/guitar lab. If you can help in any way, it will be greatly appreciated. E-mail me at



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