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Here are some of the things our children are studying in music:



All K's are singing about the holidays that take place in December. They are also singing Winter songs. They have played A B C and C D E Steps in their Piano Book, and also played Hot Cross Buns and Cold Cross Buns. I sent home a copy of Piano Book I with each child. Kindly keep it in a safe place where your child can access it to practice. If you don't have a keyboard, a paper keyboard was included in the Book. Please help your child practice.


All 1st graders are singing songs about Winter and the the December holidays. We are celebrating the birthday of Beethoven on December 16th. They are playing The Grand Staff in their piano book and some classes have played Old MacDonald. I sent home a scanned copy of Piano Book I in case you've lost or misplaced it.


2nd graders are singing are the December holidays and Winter. They are celebrating Beethoven's birthday and many classes played his Ode To Joy. We're reviewing the end of Piano Book I. I sent home copies of Piano Book II which is the book we will be working from this year.
2nd graders will shortly begin learning the songs for their upcoming Spring show.
I will be sending a copy of their lyrics home with them.
You can also access the lyrics and music here.


3rd graders did an amazing job on their Production of "A Time To Give Thanks". We are now moving on to our Circle in the Square songs which they will sing when their classes go to Circle In The Square.
You can download our Circle in the Square songs at here.

Every child has received a recorder and we are starting our Recorder unit.
They will shortly be playing several pieces including some fun rock tunes.
You can download the backing tracks to these songs here.
These tracks make practicing much more fun.

Please help your child find a good place to play and encourage them to practice a few minutes a day.
Please initial their recorder log at the end of the week to help them establish good practice habits.
Recorder playing is a large part of their music grade.

To download a recorder practice log click here.
You can download our recorder music here.


5th Graders who are in the play are rehearsing Wednesday at 8AM and small groups are coming on Thursdays. We always let them know in advance who should come. Parents, please email us if your child is going to miss a rehearsal. In addition to each child in the cast receiving a CD, I've uploaded all the music to the PS 11 website.

To see HOPS for the Arts click here.

Looking to purchase a piano or are some helpful sites.
In class we use the Casio CTK-2000.

Choosing a Piano or Keyboard for the Beginning Piano Student

The Best Keyboards and Pianos for Beginners

Top Tips for Choosing A Piano Keyboard for Beginners

3 Pieces of Advice on Buying Your Child's First Piano

If you have any questions about your child's music education and/or are a musician and would like to volunteer to come in and hold a workshop or perform for us please contact me. I always need volunteers to maintain our keyboard/guitar lab. If you can help in any way, it will be greatly appreciated. E-mail me at



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