The Rock Spell-A Story Books

The Rock Spell-A-Story books are music reading and writing story books based on the lives and times of rock 'n' roll bands. Some of the letters and words in the stories appear in musical notation so that the reader will have to read notes in order to fully understand each band's biography.

This book can be used by all music students and is especially suitable for beginning levels as it does not go above treble clef 3rd space C and below bass clef 2nd space C. Students of any instrument can reinforce their music reading and improve their sightreading skills while learning about their favorite rock bands.

The Spell-A-Story series is a fun and motivating approach to learning notes, note values, improving sightreading skills and music appreciation.

Click on the console below to hear "We Will Rock You".

Classical, Rap, Jazz and other Spell-A-Story books will be available shortly.

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