Classroom Wish List

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The following is a list of items needed in our music classroom.
Thanks so much for helping to make your child's music classroom a great place.

(after all...over 800 kids come in and out of my room every week)

We can use any music CD's that you would like to donate to our music library.

We always need blank CD's...I copy music for teachers and students all year long.

We can use any music books to add to our reading library (composers, music history, theory, etc).

We need all size acoustic guitars, especially 1/2 size and 3/4 size which are best suited for 7-10 year old children.

Any other instruments that you no longer use would be appreciated.

Instruments we can't use in our music room will be donated to children who could use them at home.

I would greatly appreciate volunteers to help with maintenance of the piano lab, guitars, and other instruments.

Volunteers are also needed to for photocopying of piano music and recorder music.

Thank you...thank you...thank you.


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